Following the update regarding the new domains .LONDON and .GLOBAL earlier this week, I bring you news of more new TLDs. These include: DIGITAL, .ACCOUNTANTS, .FINANCE, and .INSURE. 

Read on for more info.

Digital – in the 21st century, almost everything is now digital – from digital music to digital marketing, and from digital personal assistants to digital television. Experts predict within the next couple of years our food and even our dreams will be entirely digital.

Accountants - It’s a little known fact that accountants originally started as pirates. These blood-thirsty and ruthless raiders often accumulated vast sums of money from their pillaging, and had to spend increasing amounts of time inspecting their financial accounts. This makes sense if you spend a moment to think about how many pirates you have met, compared to accountants

Finance – it is the science of money management, and as sciences go, finance is only slightly less difficult than alchemy. Between personal finance and corporate finance, the famous world of finance is a complicated place. 

Insure - Insurance started a long time ago as a kind of wager – a customer would makes a wager with the insurer that their goat would get stolen, but the process has become a little more refined and regulated since then with celebrities and sports stars insuring their valuable assets.

Friday, September 12, 2014

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